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About Us

It’s not easy to transform your home into something you love. artas.in.ua is a digital platform bursting with inspiration ideas to help you design your dream home – whether that’s from starting out with inspiration, or helping you find those finishing touches.
WEBZINE - Our international team works diligently to find what’s hot in home design. We are a cluster of home owners, design lovers, and aesthetes curating original articles full of gorgeous content. We launched in May 2016, carving out a corner of the internet for you to find the inspiration, ideas and insight to turn your house into a place you are thrilled to call home.

GALLERY - Take a tour through the photos from our favorite homes, and find beautiful quality images for your next home reno project.

SHOP - We have something exciting in the pipelines.. just hold on!

DIRECTORY - All of the architects, designers and artists we feature on artas.in.ua are hosted in our directory, so you can find more of their projects with ease.

Meet Our Team

Gordon believes in making big things happen. Business savvy and with a pedigree in architecture and design, he sees what's up-and-coming in the industry and leads the way forward. Spending formative years in Canada, and after many years working in the Asia Pacific region and beyond, he sees the power in international cross-cultural communication. He believes that artas.in.ua is the perfect showcase for artists, architects and designers to be heard, and where readers want to be excited, entertained and informed.
General Manager
Iris Yum
Hat, laughter and witty remarks, these are all features about Iris. She is always full of energy. With solid experience in film and entertainment industry, Iris is the master of marketing and management, and has her own taste in aesthetics.
E-commerce Executive
Lance Hau
Having experience in e-commerce and being more interested in lifestyle and home decoration, Lance manages the e-shop and website operation for artas.in.ua.

As a scrupulous and rational Virgo, he is the right one to be asked for advice.
Marketing Editor
Cristina Ng
Cristina is always curious about life and pursuing to challenge herself. She is invested in telling good stories to more people and zealous about video shooting and editing. As a lifestyle magazine editor, she is passionate in exploring the language of architecture and creative design.

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